Why does Google keep advertising products to me that I just bought?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve bought an item through Chrome, only to see repetitive advertisements for that product in Google ads all over sites I visit. How bad does Google’s tailored ad engine have to be? Clarification: Google’s “AdWords” engine shows you ads based on what you search for in Google, which you can actually disable, but I’d rather see ads based on what I search for rather than random ads. You can tell it’s a Google ad if there’s a gray right-pointing arrow at the top, and hovering over it says “Ad Choices”, which actually takes you to your ad choices.

Case in point: I bought a Nexus 7, then about every three websites that had ads on it, there’s the Nexus 7 in a Google ad, sometimes in multiple places. For weeks afterword, all these Nexus 7 ads, which are more annoying to me than random ads because – I’ve already bought the Nexus 7!

While I’ve seen other examples excessively, such as websites I just visited or signed into, the latest example is a Harry’s shaver, which I bought to try out and decided I didn’t like it as much as my Mach 3 razors. They actually subsided for a while, but since clicking a link in one of their emails to view a new product, I’m getting spammed with Harry’s ads again. Yes, I can tweak them, but that’s a pain if I have to keep doing it for new things. Especially now that I don’t want anything to do with Harry’s shavers, I can’t avoid the bad taste in my mouth every time I see one of them jumping out at me again from Google’s silver platter.

So thanks Google, but no thanks, your ad engine is excessive and knuckleheaded, and while it seems to spam me more if I’ve actually made a purchase (probably just because I clicked more sites to review the item), it needs a little bit better salting to get ads a little outside of the circle you draw me in when I click on things.



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