The smartphone FM radio tuner app conspiracy

Ever wanted to tune FM radio on your smartphone but there’s no app for that?

Well, there’s a reason for it, and it’s not because carriers or manufacturers think there’s not enough demand, it’s because carriers want to charge you for data for streaming those local radio stations through the internet rather than just letting you tune them through an app, and they’ve been successful at hampering that with manufacturers (who don’t really care) and software providers like Google and Apple who provide their own streaming services.

Think targeting local radio stations is too small of a piece of pie for the carriers to go after? Think again, they’re worth millions per year.

You may not want to read or will understand the whole article, but that’s the reason why. And here I thought phones were about doing stuff.

I’m surprised there’s no laws in Europe against this, but I think the radio broadcasters would be fighting tooth-and-nail to get FM tuner apps on smartphones.

Also, your smartphone can technically tune TV stations… but there’s no apps for that either 🙂

Here’s a more in-depth post by an engineer like myself about it, who actually wrote an app that tunes FM radio, though most phones have to be hacked to make it work.


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