Is man-made global warming a hoax?

I’ve been reading science magazines for 30 years so greenhouse gases and global warming was not news to me when Al Gore made his controversial documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”. What was news was how significant man’s effect on the environment was in regards to carbon emissions.

Now that man-made global warming, or Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW),  is being called a hoax by “deniers”, I have been trying to compile evidence for and against it with possibly a point system, but there’s so much data it’s difficult and I’m not sure I can do a point system here on WordPress (especially since points would need to be weighed based on importance).

So, I was flitting about Quora and found the obvious question with what seems like a very concise, feasible answer with some nice data included. Just ignore his direct answer and look at his reasoning for how it could be a hoax:

While all of the data for and against is out there (and it’s overwhelming), I tend to believe people who actually do the fieldwork on these things, especially the ones making careers out of it (and they could get richer on Wall Street much quicker with their brains) or who take up the hard job of public service with the goal of providing protection and service to the American people and the world. I have a hard time believing those with a profit-based or idealogical interest in this topic, so I have to take their data with a much larger grain of salt than any potentially idealogically-based scientist.

John Baez’s argument about AGW being a hoax is very sound, as I have seen the hoaxes over the years (Hwang Woo-suk cloning fraud) and have read about the hoaxes in the past (Piltdown Man), and whenever something doesn’t pass the smell test or fails scientific repetition of the test, it’s not long before the whole thing falls apart. When something this big is being tested over and over again by thousands and thousands of scientists around the globe, I have to think that they’re smelling the carbon in the air.

I may post more about this or take it down because it’s simply very controversial and difficult for me to track the data as a side-project.